Klarus Light UK is a trusted supplier of tactical equipment and LED flashlights to a number of organisations such as film companies, industrial users, private security firms, engineering companies, police & rescue, as well as many other industry sectors.

Klarus, the pioneer of the dual-switch tactical flashlights, is a brand that integrates fully its own R&D and manufacturing. Founded in 2011, Klarus is committed to supplying law enforcement, military, and outdoor enthusiasts with professional quality lighting equipment they can rely on with full confidence. 

With over 10 years of continuous product research and brand development, Klarus established a retail network with partners in over 100 countries and regions globally. The Klarus name is recognised as the standard issue equipment for military units, government agencies and law enforcement personnel around the world.  

"Innovation in Illumination" is the motto of Klarus. Klarus continues its commitment to bringing unprecedented mobile illumination to its users, and is proud to be recognized as one of the premier lighting equipment manufacturers in the world. 

Klarus is derived from Latin root “Clarus”, meaning “clear and bright”,  a symbol for shinning light in the darkness. Klarus designs and engineers outdoor and tactical flashlights with life-saving missions that cannot fail. Making the world’s finest illumination tools, Klarus brings constant revolutions in performance, dependability and versatility to shine a path in the dark. 

As a UK torch distributor, we aim to provide great service and prices to assist UK torch retailers with selling Klarus products. Each Klarus model has an information page on this website, which details the specification and operation of the light. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.