Max Light Output: 900 LumensMax Runtime: 700 hrs6 Light ModesWaterproof and Dust Resistant to IPX-8

Klarus ST11 (ALL-PURPOSE) New

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Powerful and innovative tactical torch from Klarus

The ST11 from Klarus is an amazingly powerful (900 ANSI lumens from its XM-L2 LED) and thoughtfully designed all-round flashlight for everyday use, camping/ walking, engineering work and as a police and security duty light.

At first glance it looks like a standard dual-switch LED torch - with a tail switch and a side switch near the head of the unit. It's not until you take notice of the design features and the unique user interface that you realise this is an exceptional torch for a multitude of situations.

The ST11 has an anti-roll design, a removable and reversible pocket clip, grippy knurling, a flat bottom with stainless steel ring for tail-standing the light and using like a candle, a free-moving lanyard loop, a flat stainless steel bezel at the front, a orange peel reflector and a super bright XM-L2 LED that outputs 900 ANSI lumens over a 177m range.

The user interface of the ST11 is ingenious. The forward-clicky tail switch turns the light on and off, and provides a momentary-on function. The light will activate in whatever mode you previously set - this type of memory function is very useful for people who want the light to activate in a lower mode for close-up work. There are 4 lighting modes (including a very low 'moonlight' mode) a hidden Strobe and SOS mode.

With the light on, you can use the side switch to change modes, activate strobe and to switch the light off in standby mode. With the light off in standby mode, you can use the side switch to quickly activate momentary-on, constant-on or the strobe mode (for personal safety). Again, the memory function remembers the previous mode you set.

Having the memory function and a light that activates with a side switch is very useful for police, for example; they can mount it on a police vest and use in a low mode for filling-out tickets, then later the torch could be used handheld and in high mode for searching a field. The tail-stand feature would allow an officer to stand the light on a flat surface in a dark room to illuminate the entire space for an easier and quicker room search with two hands.

As an outdoor flashlight for camping and walking at night, the ST11 really excels. It has the power to illuminate a wide area up to 177m away - so great for walking at night. The lanyard attachment means you can keep it safe and allows you to attach it to the inside of a tent for immediate internal lighting. An instantly accessible strobe is there for safety reasons and the SOS can be activated to signal for help, should you run into difficulty while on a trail at night.

  • LED Type: Amazingly bright CREE XM-L2 with life span of up to 50,000 hrs.
  • Battery: 2x CR123A (3v) / 1x 18650 (rechargeable)
  • Function: There are two switches – a tail switch and a side switch; the tail switch provides on, momentary-on and off functions and the side switch changes modes, gives fast access to the hidden strobe and SOS modes, and allows the light to be switched off in standby mode. This is where the ST11 excels above other dual switch flashlights. When in standby mode, the side switch provides on, momentary-on and off functions, as well as mode changes and quick access to the two flashing modes - Strobe and SOS. Strobe is very effective for personal safety at night and a memory feature means the torch can remember the last lighting mode that was used. The tail switch can be pressed again to switch the torch completely off.
  • Switch: Forward clicky tail switch that is recessed to allow for tail-standing. There is also a side switch that is recessed into the body, but as easily accessible.
  • Performance: Highly efficient performance due to the digitally regulated output, which maintains constant brightness.
  • Protection: Reverse polarity protection circuit protects against incorrect insertion of batteries. Sealed with O-rings for excellent water resistance and improved service life. Waterproof and Dust Resistant to IPX-8.
  • Dimension: 141mm (Length), 36mm (Head), 25.4mm (Body)
  • Weight: 146g (without battery).
  • Finish: Tough, sealed body with HA Type III anodising.
  • Colour: Military grey
  • Reflector: Orange peel for an even beam profile with good beam throw - 177m.
  • Lens: Toughened, ultra clear glass.
What you get

Printed Klarus packaging containing:

  • Klarus ST11 torch
  • Removable and reversible clip
  • Wrist lanyard
  • Spare O-ring
  • User Manual with 24 Month Warranty
  • 2x CR123A Batteries FREE

24 Month Warranty
This torch comes with a 24 month warranty from the manufacturer, Klarus. See the User Manual that comes with the Klarus torch.

Accessories for the ST11
  • Klarus 18650 battery
  • Klarus battery charger

  • Turn Power On/ Off
    Pressing the tail switch will turn power On/ Off and a light press (not full click) will give momentary-on.
  • Switch Modes
    With the torch switched on, the side switch can be used to changed modes - just hold the side button down for about 1 second and the mode will change. A quick double click of the side button will activate the Strobe mode, and if you hold the button down in Strobe mode, you will access SOS.
  • Standby Mode
    With the light on, a single click on the side button will switch the light off in standby mode. Whilst in standby mode, the side button can be pressed quickly for momentary-on, or held down for more than 1 second for constant-on.
  • Memory Function
    When the torch is on, select preferred mode, leave on for at least 3 seconds and then click off with either the side switch or the tail switch. The torch will remember the last mode when next switched on.
Output & Runtimes
  1. High Mode: 900 ANSI Lumens (2.3 hrs)
  2. Medium Mode: 225 ANSI Lumens (6.7 hrs)
  3. Low Mode: 15 ANSI Lumens (100 hrs)
  4. Moonlight Mode: 1 ANSI Lumens (700 hrs)

Hidden Modes:

  • Strobe Mode: 820 ANSI Lumens (4.4 hrs)
  • SOS Mode: 820 ANSI Lumens (6.2 hrs)