Max Light Output: 320 ANSI LumensMax Runtime: 68 hrs4 Light ModesWaterproof and Dust Resistant to IPX-8

KLARUS RS1A Rechargeable (XM-L) New

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Compact, powerful and rechargeable EDC torch

The Klarus RS1A is an excellent rechargeable every day carry (EDC) torch and general outdoor LED light, which can be charged via any USB port or 12v car socket (with a USB car adapter). It uses just one AA rechargeable battery.

At just over 11cm in length, the RS1A is a more compact, pocketsize version of the RS11. It uses the latest Cree XP-G2 LED, which outputs a maximum 210 ANSI lumens - a lot of light for a rechargeable AA battery torch of this size. This is made more impressive by the deep reflector that throws a smooth beam of light over a range of up to 100m

This little powerful light has been designed to tail-stand for illuminating a room or tent and features a deep stainless steel strike bezel. The user interface (UI) is very intuitive and all light modes are controlled by a single button - quick press for momentary activation; press for 0.6 of a second for constant-on; double click for flashing strobe and activate a light mode for more than 3 seconds to store the mode to memory - so it activates in that mode the next time the torch is turned on.

  • LED Type: Ultra bright CREE XP-G2 LED with max output of 210 ANSI lumens and a life span of up to 50,000 hrs
  • Battery: 1x AA rechargeable NI-MH or non-rechargeable AA battery
  • Charging: USB charging via a patented magnetic charging point.
  • Charging Time: Depends on battery capacity. Formula is:
    Charging Time = (battery capacity / 500 mA) + 0.5hrs
  • Function: There are 3 light modes and 1 flashing strobe mode.
  • Switch: Single button operation; a protruding forward clicky switch for momentary-on, constant-on, off, mode selection and strobe.
  • Memory Function: The RS1A has a memory function that remembers the last mode you used. So, for example, if you need low level light, you can set the torch to activate in low mode - with both momentary-on and constant-on. A very intelligent feature!
  • Performance: The XP-G2 LED delivers a lot of bright light (210 ANSI lumens) and is an efficient performer due to the digitally regulated output, which maintains constant brightness.
  • Protection: Reverse polarity protection circuit protects against incorrect insertion of batteries. Sealed with O-rings for excellent water resistance and improved service life. Waterproof to 2 metres and Dust Resistant to IPX-8.
  • Tactical: A stainless steel crenellated bezel at the front is removable. The single button system user interface provides complete, one-handed control over light modes and fast access to strobe. The removable clip allows the torch to be clipped onto webbing, a tactical vest or Police stab vest.
  • Dimension: 117mm (Length), 22mm (Head), 26.5mm (Body)
  • Weight: 90g (without battery).
  • Finish: Tough, sealed body with HA Type III anodising.
  • Colour: Gun Metal Grey
  • Reflector: Orange peel to provide a smooth, flawless beam and good throw.
  • Lens: Toughened, ultra clear glass
What you get

Printed KLARUS packaging containing:

  • KLARUS RS1A (Gun Metal Grey)
  • Removable crenelated stainless steel bezel
  • Removable body clip
  • Self-locating magnetic charging cable
  • KLARUS heavy duty holster with belt loop and D-ring
  • Lanyard
  • Spare O-rings
  • User Manual with 24 Month Warranty

24 Month Warranty
This torch comes with a 24 month warranty from the manufacturer, KLARUS. See the User Manual that comes with the KLARUS torch.


  • Turn Power On/ Off
    Press the button for less than 0.6 of a second for momentary-on. Press for more than 0.6 of a second for constant-on. Press the switch to turn the light off.
  • Switch Modes
    When light is on, press and hold the button to change mode. Strobe is accessible by quickly pressing the button twice - even when the torch is off.
  • Memory: When the light is on for more than 3 seconds, the mode will be memorised. Turn the light off, then the next time you switch the light on it will activate with the memorised mode. 
Output & Runtimes

Based on 1x AA NI-MH rechargeable battery:

  1. High Mode: 210 ANSI Lumens (1.1 hrs)
  2. Medium Mode: 35 Lumens (9 hrs)
  3. Low Mode: 7 Lumens (68 hrs)
  4. Strobe Mode: 210 Lumens (2.2 hrs)